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First Online Game Supporting Reef Restoration

The French start-up CryptoCorals has launched the first positive impact online game to support worldwide reef restoration. Gamers buy virtual corals to breed “Super Corals”. With each purchase, they contribute to the outplanting of a real coral at SECORE’s field sites.

This innovative effort between SECORE International and CryptoCorals is a novel approach to finance reef restoration projects. “Reef restoration is widely recognized as a necessity to assist coral recovery; however, funding this vital work is still a limiting factor, especially when it comes to establishing and implementing urgently needed large-scale technologies,” says Dr. Dirk Petersen, Founder and Executive Director of SECORE International. “Innovative ideas like CryptoCorals raise awareness of the alarming situation in our oceans and of possible solutions, particularly among the gamer community which otherwise might not be reached. This new concept of engaging philanthropy through online games could be significant for providing more sustainable funding resources.”


CryptoCorals is a French start-up created by Henri Volpiliere and Alix Besnier. The team has developed an entire online universe in which gamers can buy and mate different digital corals to breed a “Super Coral,” a colony that is resistant to global warming and ocean acidification. For an investment of $12 USD, each player contributes to the outplanting of one real coral and gets his or her first CryptoCoral within the game. “We strongly believe that coral reefs must be saved and that games can be leveraged to address some of our world’s greatest challenges”, says CryptoCorals’ CEO Alix Besnier. “Our goal is to get lots of players involved and plant as many corals as possible.”


Full transparency

In its first few days online, CryptoCorals has sold more than 140 digital corals, equating to 140 real-world coral outplants. To ensure full transparency, each player receives photos, videos, and an outplanting certificate so they can track their impact on the reef. Furthermore, CryptoCorals will publish updates using blockchain technology indicating how many contributions have been collected and how many live corals have been outplanted as a result. “We are excited to see how this game will develop and wish CryptoCorals a fruitful start!” says Dr. Dirk Petersen.


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