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New Techniques for Coral Restoration in the Caribbean

SECORE will host a workshop at the Carmabi Marine Research Station Curaçao, May 18th – 27th

This workshop is part of the Global Coral Restoration Project initiated by SECORE, California Academy of Sciences and The Nature Conservancy, and further supported by CARMABI Foundation, Curaçao Sea Aquarium, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Shedd Aquarium as well as State of Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources. The opening day of the workshop will start with a seminar, accepting the challenge to give a more global picture of coral restoration, addressing current obstacles and potential solutions. You can follow the seminar online by registering 'here'. Please make sure to register before the seminar starts!

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Photo: spawning Diploria labyrinthiformis with butterfly fish feeding on spawn, by Ellen Muller

Seminar Program, May 18th, Curaçao local time (GMT -4)  
13:00h Opening remarks
13:10h Dirk Petersen, SECORE, "The Global Coral Restoration Project"
13:45h Rebecca Albright, California Academy of Sciences, "Challenges to Recruitment in a Changing World"
14:20h Iliana Baums, PennState University, "Genetics-Informed Strategies for Effective Coral Conservation"
14:50 ・15:10 Break and opportunity to submit panel questions
15:10h Tom Moore, Coral Reef Restoration Program NOAA, "Scaling up Restoration to be Meaningful at an Ecosystem Level"
15:45h Mary Hagedorn, Smithsonian Institution, "Global Ex Situ Conservation Applied to In Situ Restoration Techniques"
16:20h Madeleine van Oppen, Australian Institute of Marine Science, "Ensuring a Future for Corals Through Assisted Evolution"
17:00 – 18:00 Panel discussion

The workshop will foster exchange between participants and organizers, working in the fields of coral science, restoration, aquaculture and marine resource management. The proposed schedule comprises hands-on work, such as rearing coral larvae from daylight spawner Diploria labyrinthiformis, practicing the art of micro-fragmentation and outplanting techniques, as well as theoretical sessions on how to select outplanting sites and monitor restoration efforts.

We are looking forward to an inspiring and fruitful workshop!

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