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Conservation Specialist and Accounting Expert join SECORE’s Board of Directors

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SECORE International is expanding the expert knowledge assembled on its Board of Directors by inviting conservation specialist, Dr. Deni Porej and entrepreneur, Michelle Galligan to join the board.


Photos from the left: Accounting spezialist Michelle Galligan (private archive), conservation expert Dr. Deni Porej (private archive), and SECORE's Executive Director Dr. Dirk Petersen (


Dr. Deni Porej is working in the World Wildlife Fund’s Mediterranean Program as Director of Conservation. “He is a known expert for strategic planning, development, implementation and monitoring of conservation measures. His long-term experience will help SECORE to upscale its global reef restoration efforts,” said SECORE Founder and Executive Director Dr. Dirk Petersen.  

Michelle Galligan is Managing Director and Co-founder at ViaVero, an accounting consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. “'Her expertise will be a great asset for streamlining our organizational efficiency to ensure maximal restoration impact from our financial resources.' We are very happy to have both experts onboard,” said Dirk Petersen.

Both new board members have been appointed during the October meeting of SECORE’s Board of Directors and will attend their first SECORE board meeting in January. 

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