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worldwide coral reef conservation through research, education, outreach, and restoration

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- Milestone , Announcement
Thanks to CLICK, our in-kind sponsor for developing and hosting SECORE's web presence, we are honored to invite you to explore our revised and updated website.

SECORE has greatly evolved over the last two years and we were therefore in urgent need to adapt our web appearance accordingly. We are indebted to Click for making this happen in such a marvelous way.

[pic 1] is a Dutch Creative Digital Agency that developed and has been hosting our website for the past 5 years. Now, they took up the challenge and created our remodeled website, including several new pages such as our new homepage and partner site.

“We love what SECORE does”, says Yves van Dieren, CLICK's co-founder and Digital Strategist, as well as SECORE's long-term mentor and sponsor for any website related matters. “In addition to all the excellent work SECORE is doing, they focus on teamwork by letting their partners support in areas in which they excel. In CLICK’s case, the creation and development of a creative digital strategy.” Many thanks to Yves and his team for all their invaluable help for so many years!

“It’s very important for SECORE to have a well conceived and appealing web presence”, explains Dr. Carin Jantzen, SECORE's PR officer. “As a not-for-profit organization we are committed to present our work to the public―not only because we are dedicated to reach out on the behalf of coral reefs in need, but also to transparently report what we are doing. And, very importantly, we want to give all of our partners and supporters an appropriate platform to highlight their contribution to giving coral reefs a future. Yves and his team did a wonderful job in creating SECORE's unique website.”

[pic 2]

photo coral reef site by Paul Selvaggio, collages with photos by Unsplash & Igor Miske, Radek Grzybowski, Alexandru Acea

Meet our supporters

SECORE's lead partners are:

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
California Academy of Science
The Nature Conservancy

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