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TUI Cruises collects donations for reef restoration

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SECORE’s corporate partner TUI Cruises has raised 60,000 Euro for coral reef restoration through its Green & Fair shore excursions that can be booked by tourists traveling with TUI Cruises’ cruise ships.


Photos: Coral reefs are one of the highlights for tourists visiting the Caribbean with TUI Cruises (Dan Gold and Jakob Owens, 

In 2017 more than 47,000 travelers participated in TUI Cruises’ Green & Fair shore excursion program that offers a sustainable approach of exploring and learning. Participants do not only get to know natural and cultural highlights of a region, they also help to sustain these places of interest because TUI Cruises donates 5 Euro of each booked trip to local organizations. “Our Green & Fair shore excursions prove that tourism and sustainability can go hand in hand. Furthermore, the rising interest in our program shows that our guests care more and more about this topic”, says Lucienne Damm, Environmental Manager at TUI Cruises

The program, which was started in Winter 2013/14, is growing each year. In 2015, travelers booked 37,000 trips, two years later this number has risen to 47,000. All in all, TUI Cruises raised 236,295 Euro with its Green & Fair program in 2017. Most of this sum (140,000 Euro) has been dedicated to the TUI Care Foundation. It runs educational projects for youth in 25 countries that have become tourist hotspots. Additionally, it helps to protect the habitat of endangered species such as elephants and sea turtles.

With a donation of 60,000 Euro, TUI Cruises supports the coral reef restoration work done by SECORE International. “Our cooperation with SECORE fits perfectly to our corporate philosophy. The coral reefs around the world are not only a huge attraction for tourists but foremost a natural habitat for thousands of animal species. To protect and sustain these coral reefs means to provide a future perspective for these species but also for the local people. That’s why we are supporting the innovative coral protection and restoration work of SECORE”, says Lucienne Damm.


Photo: SECORE Research Technician Kelly Latjinhouwers is looking for a good spot to outplant a seeding unit onto the Sea Aquarium reef in Curaçao. (Reef Patrol)


TUI Cruises has been a long-term supporter of SECORE International. “With TUI Cruises help over the last five years, we have been able to expand our reef restoration activities in the Caribbean and develop new concepts for large-scale reef restoration that are urgently needed. Together we also produced educational programs for kids and adults, which are not only part of TUI Cruises’ on-board program but are also used by our partners, NGOs, and other educational institutions worldwide. This means that our cooperation with TUI Cruises has made the biggest impact to environmental protection possible”, says Dr. Dirk Petersen, founder and Executive Director of SECORE International. 

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