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  • elkhorn corals (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Valerie Chamberland lecturing outdoors (Paul Selvaggio)
  • outplanted elkhorn coral, 4 years old (Paul Selvaggio)
  • settlement substrates with new coral recruits at Curacao Sea Aquarium (Paul Selvaggio)
  • getting conditioned coral settlement subtrates (Paul Selvaggio)
  • long-term team Dirk Petersen & Mark Schick (The Shedd) & Mitch Karl (Henry Doorly Zoo), both SECORE advisory board (P Selvaggio)
  • outplanted elkhorn coral, 1,5 years old (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Rich Shank and Mike Brittsan (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium), both SECORE directors board, with Dirk Petersen (Paul Selvaggio)
  • reef site with surgeon fish at Curacao (Paul Selvaggio)
In 2010, SECORE initiated a research project on coral restoration together with the CARMABI Foundation and the Curacao Sea Aquarium. The aim of the project is to better understand sexual reproduction of endangered coral species, especially of the elkhorn coral, and to apply the gained knowledge for reef restoration.

The project outcomes are an important basis for reef conservation in general and for new SECORE project locations elsewhere. Annual field training workshops and outreach programs are essential elements of the project. 

SECORE, in collaboration with universities of the Netherlands, Mexico, Guam, Germany and Singapore, carries out an over-regional research approach to develop new techniques for large-scale coral reef restoration using sexual coral reproduction. A corresponding project to Curacao takes place in Mexico in collaboration with the Reef Systems Academic Unit of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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