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worldwide coral reef conservation through research, education, outreach, and restoration

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Dedicated to giving coral reefs a future, SECORE invites you to support our work.

The global decline of coral reefs is alarming (Coral reefs are dying), our tasks are immense, and we can only succeed by working together.

As a not-for-profit organization, SECORE depends on donations for our research and restoration efforts. Your donation directly supports our field projects ('sexual coral restoration') in both the Caribbean and Pacific enabling us to restore and help to conserve coral reefs globally.

We appreciate your active interest in our work. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or sign in for our newsletter and check out our newsroom to get the most recent news.

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What else can you do?
Climate change is an overarching threat, not only to coral reefs (Climate Change Threatens the Survival of Coral Reefs), but also to the health of our planet (climate change facts by National Geographic). The future and survival of our species depends upon sustainable management of our planet's resources—particularly ecosystem services. Each and every one of us shape our future and it is time to take responsibility for our actions.

As global citizens, each of us can make a difference; not only by voting for policymakers who accept the challenge to take the necessary steps, but also by changing our behavior and habits. For instance, one third of the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is within our direct range of influence. Start by becoming aware of your own carbon footprint, easily calculated within a few minutes. The more accurately you give your info, the more precise is your outcome:  Carbon footprint calculator

We have the ability to turn a personal change into a positive impact for our planet, and most of the actions are not only good for the planet, but for our health as well by producing less waste and consuming less energy. By managing your carbon footprint and using less pastic, your actions create a feeling of empowerment that will inspire you to take more positive actions for yourself and our planet! (How to protect coral reefs in your daily life). Even when on holiday, there are some straightforward actions you can do to be a responsible traveler.

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SECORE's lead partners are:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
California Academy of Science
The Nature Conservancy

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