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Capacity Center Meso-America

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In collaboration with UNAM, national stakeholders and international partners, we work towards a nation-wide coral conservation and restoration program.

Dr. Anastazia (Ania) Banaszak is our local lead for restoration and conservation efforts and she is partnered with SECORE for several years now. Ania and her team are based at the Reef Systems Academic Unit (UASA, department of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UNAM) in Puerto Morelos at the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Together, we cooperate with national and international partners such as the Xcaret Eco Park (see TEAM to view all partners). In 2015, we started up-scaling restoration in a pilot project, similar to Project Curacao. We aim at establishing the techniques for restoration on a realistic scale. Our joined work focuses on sexually reproduced corals to maintain genetic diversity and to perform restoration in a most sustainable way. 


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SECORE's lead partners are:

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
California Academy of Science
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The Nature Conservancy

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