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Sustainable under water - protect coral reefs

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Many tourists love to experience the beauty of coral reefs. By contrast, coral reefs face multiple threats and have reached an alarming dire status today. There is an eminent need for sustainable tourism and, consequently, sustainable recreational snorkeling and diving.

So far, many threats by negligent and not sufficiently educated snorkelers and divers put additional pressure on coral reefs all over the world: such as stepping or standing on corals, breaking and damaging corals or disturbing animal life, as well as leaving garbage and crashing anchors on corals to moor the boats―all of which could be obviated quite easily.

Apart from SECORE's direct efforts in coral reef protection and restoration, we started a  campaign with TUI Cruises and Futouris e.V. in 2013 to raise public awareness among the many tourists and local dive guides. Knowledge on coral reef ecology and how to implement sustainable tourism is shared with visiting snorkelers and divers, as well as local ones.

Be a considerate and careful snorkeler and diver―don't leave a trace!

Flyer how to be a sustainable snorkeler and diver can be downloaded here:

Poster with information on coral reefs and environmental friendly snorkeling and diving can be downloaded here:

Feel free to share flyer and poster with your colleagues, friends and family. Feel free to use flyer and poster in your dive shop. Please contact us if you have any questions, remarks or want to partner with us.

Make a difference – help saving coral reefs!

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