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Our strategy for coral conservation

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  • Acropora palmata (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Reef site in the waters of Curaçao (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Reef site in the waters of Curaçao (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Reef site in the waters of Curaçao (Paul Selvaggio)
SECORE uses a multidisciplinary strategy combining research, active reef restoration, education, and outreach to help coral reefs persist and thrive into an uncertain future. We work in a global network of scientists, public aquarium professionals and local authorities, partners and stakeholders.

Coral reef conservation involves many interdependent aspects; thus we need a holistic approach to conserve the world's coral reefs and their valuable services. Scientific research and the resultant knowledge combined with hands-on practices are the basis for the implementation of effective and sustainable conservation efforts.

SECORE conducts and supports studies on all aspects of conservation, especially on sexual coral reproduction (References) and how to use it for coral restoration. Then, we develop protocols to implement our findings in the field. We participate in wide networks of restoration science and practice, such as the Coral Restoration Consortium.

So far, coral restoration is still labor and resource intensive and can only be carried out on a relatively small scale; thus not meeting the scale of need. SECORE and partners have developed a new concept (SECORE film) that will enable us to seed large numbers of coral recruits without the need to attach each coral by hand (Sowing corals). We are working with leading scientists to improve our techniques and develop new ones.

In 2015, we started larger scale pilot projects using our novel approaches for sexual coral restoration in Mexico and in Curacao. Two years later, we launched the Global Coral Restoration Project together with the California Academy of Sciences and The Nature Conservancy, aiming at implementing sustainable coral restoration on a meaningful scale globally. The restoration implementation itself will be accomplished through capable and established local partners that are directly tied in with local management and conservation organizations.

To share our knowledge on coral reproduction and restoration methods and strategies, we conduct on-site workshops with scientists, practitioners and partners (Education). We facilitate cooperation by working together with local authorities, NGOs and stakeholders (Our work). We reach out to education initiatives and help to raise awareness.

Outreach and education are an important part of our work and we take up the challenge to spread the word on behalf of coral reefs, their threats and the means to protect them as much as we can. In 2019, we published the educational kids comic 'Coral Heroes', a joint project with illustrator Bernhard Speh (spehzies).

The outreach and education programs of SECORE’s zoo and aquarium partners reach millions of people around the world every year. Many of these partners feature permanent exhibits on coral reefs, how to propagate corals and restore reefs, and their work with SECORE.

We reach out to the international press, informing about the alarming status of the world’s coral reefs, telling about the work we do to preserve coral reefs for future generations highlighting the cooperation with our partners. Our social media channels (TwitterFacebook and Youtube) will keep you up to date about our work and related news while you can witness ongoing efforts online. You can read the latest news articles and press releases about SECORE's work in our newsroom.

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SECORE's lead partners are:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
California Academy of Science
The Nature Conservancy

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