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US Virgin Islands

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  • Staghorn Coral Cluster Outplanted at Cane Bay, St. Croix after one year, Kemit-Amon Lewis
  • spawning elkhorn coral, Reef Patrol
  • The Island of St. Croix, TNC
  • Kemit-Amon Lewis, TNC, fragmenting corals in Cane Bay nursery, Lisa Terry

On St Croix, US Virgin Island, we will establish one of our research sites for the Global Coral Restoration Project―a joint effort with the California Academy of SciencesThe Nature Conservancy and other partners. The aim of this project is to establish a large-scale coral restoration effort, taking advantage of the coral’s sexual reproduction. Our joint efforts will focus on the Caribbean as a start, and are planned to expand globally in the near future.

To date, TNC coral restoration scientists have been focused on acropora site enhancement with over 25,000 elkhorn and staghorn corals grown via in situ nurseries and transplanted onto USVI reefs. Unfortunately, all joint expeditions and restoration work scheduled for summer 2018 had to be postponed due to the enormous damage caused by hurricanes in September 2017.

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