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Workshops Guam

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  • coral spawning at the reef (Paul Selvaggio)
  • coral spawning in the lab (Paul Selvaggio)
  • coral exhibit at Underwaterworld Guam and Curator Mike McCue (Paul Selvaggio)
  • spawning work in the lab (Danny Munoz)
  • rearing coral larvae at the UOG Marine Lab (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Aquarium of the Pacific team 2016 (Danny Munoz)
  • Dirk Petersen and Laurie Raymundo, UOG (Paul Selvaggio)
  • coral eaten by Acantaster (Paul Selvaggio)
2013 - 2017, annual SECORE workshops have been hosted by UnderWater World Guam and the University of Guam, supported by international partners, such as the Aquarium of the Pacific.

This workshop is part of our collaborative Project Guam aimed at restoring (sexual coral restoration) and protecting coral species of local concern, together with national and international partners. Main focus is on broadcast spawning species (Acropora spp.). We collect spawn in the field and of gravid colonies that are cultured in flow-through culture aquaria at University of Guam's Marine Laboratory. During the workshops in 2013 and 2014, a floating nursery was installed at Piti Marine Preserve where we grow coral settlers prior to outplanting. UnderWater World Guam has installed a public laboratory at its facilities where visitors can learn about coral reproduction and conservation and get a tour behind the scene. Furthermore, we plan to develop additional outplanting sites, as well as an underwater visitor's site where tourists can learn about coral ecology, reef restoration and protection. A stakeholder workshop was held in 2017 with participants of the Asia-Pacific region.

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