Gibt Korallenriffen eine Zukunft

Weltweiter Korallenriffschutz durch Forschung, Restauration, Training und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

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Implementing restoration

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  • Full concentration during spawning lab work, Bahamas, Cape Eleuthera Institute (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Collecting elkhorn coral spawn in Mexico (Reef Patrol)
  • Spawning work in DR together with FUNDEMAR and our Mexico &Curacao team (Paul Selvaggio)
  • Bonaire team during coral breeding training on Curacao (SECORE)
  • Coral Rearing In-Situ Basin (CRIB) aka Coral Kindergarten, US Virgin Islands (Richard Ross)
  • Outplanting bred corals ('Seeding Unit') on Curacao (Reef Patrol)

SECORE integrates science and engineering, refines coral restoration methodologies using coral seeding and creates novel tools that allow for the implementation of large-scale restoration—global coral restoration.

We strongly cooperate with our local partners at each working site, provide training and mentor-ship to facilitate the implementation of coral breeding methods and restoration tools on-site.

Implementation sites

Our coral breeding restoration approach ('sexual coral restoration') allows to increase the efficiency of restoration actions and to adapt new procedures 'along the way', as well as to integrate resilience enhancement strategies as they become available (coral resilience).

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SECORE's mission is to create and share the tools and technologies to sustainably restore coral reefs worldwide.


You can make a difference: your donation is vital for us to continue where we excel - creating the tools to sustainably restore coral reefs around the world.


Meet our supporters

SECORE's Hauptunterstützer sind:

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
The Builders Initiative
The Ocean Foundation
California Academy of Science

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