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Register for our coral restoration workshop

- Announcement
SECORE International is hosting a coral breeding and restoration workshop in Curacao, September 25th- October 4th, 2018, which will be open to aquarium professionals interested in hands-on coral breeding and coral restoration experience.

The workshop fee is $1,950 USD. All costs are covered during the workshop, including accommodation, food, diving, transportation, etc. Participants will arrange travel to and from Curacao on their own.


photo: Preparation for the collection of coral gametes (Liko Marbiol)

In collaboration with the CARMABI Foundation and the Curacao Sea Aquarium, SECORE carries out a multiyear coral restoration and research program in Curacao. This restoration workshop is an important part of this program. Participants are directly involved in observing the spawning of multiple coral species, collecting spawn in the field, and rearing larvae. The workshop includes lecture sessions and hands-on demonstrations from regional experts on coral reproduction, breeding, ecology, and restoration. Participants will not only have the chance to witness the mass spawning of many different coral species, they will also be directly involved in the outplanting of recruits as part of our restoration program.

Space is very limited, please register early to save your spot! If you are interested in joining the Curacao workshop or have any questions, please contact Aric Bickel at

For more information, visit our Curacao Workshop site.


photos: left) A workshop participant is unfastening the coral spawn collection cup from the net. (Tom Moore); mid) An expert explains the different steps of microfragmentation to workshop participants (Natalia Hurtado); right) Collected gametes from 20 different coral colonies (Natalia Hurtado)

Our activities and workshops at other project locations will be focusing on restoration practitioners and will only involve volunteers from our Platinum, Gold, and Silver level partners.  For more information on how to become a partner, click here.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Curacao in September 2018!

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