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SECORE's DIVE IN – Reef Scapes

Let us take you on an underwater journey! We proudly present our new short-documentary series 'DIVE IN', passionately filmed and produced by Reef Patrol.
Follow us almost literally underwater, exploring the beautiful world of corals. The first dive takes you into fascinating REEF SCAPES. Float through a breath-taking underwater world, discover hidden places, and observe colorful corals bursting with life. Enjoy your dive, and stay tuned for more episodes to come within the next weeks!

Learn more about SECORE's work to create and share the tools and technologies to sustainably restore coral reefs worldwide:  

  • Watch our short documentary about our work and what is unique about our approach for coral restoration: 'Growing Corals'   
  • Read more news about our work  
  • Take a look at our annual report 2019   
  • Enjoy our Coral Heroes comic, for kids and adults alike (in 8 language, web- and print files free to download)    

We invite you to share our vision of a world where thriving coral reefs support healthy oceans for future generations! Your donation is vital for us to continue where we excel – creating and sharing the tools and technologies to sustainably restore coral reefs worldwide. Donate now: you can make a change! 

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Meet our supporters

SECORE's lead partners are:

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
California Academy of Science
The Builders Initiative

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